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The department studies the sales market and collects information about properties in order to estimate current market value.

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The Assessor has the responsibility to study the transactions of the market and to appraise all property in accordance with market trends. The Assessing Department also keeps track of ownership changes, maintains maps of parcel boundaries, maintains legal descriptions for all land, and prepares sketches of all buildings and summarizes their characteristics.

Property records in Macomb County at your fingertips

The office also tracks individuals and organizations eligible for exemptions and other forms of property tax relief. General Definitions of Assessing Terminology Within the context of the Assessing Department and its related activities, it is helpful to have a familiarity of major terms and concepts relevant to the property tax administration. The assessed value is computed in the same manner as was the case prior to proposal A. Upon completion of county equalization, the Michigan State Tax Commission uses the same procedures to equalize each class of property in each of the 83 counties in the state.

The local assessor's responsibility is to spread appropriately the class increase among all the various areas of the city, as determined by analysis of sales within each area.

General Tax Information

The assessed value for a given property may increase or decrease to any amount that sales analysis indictates. Subsequent to the processes of county and state equalization, the assessed value becomes the state equalized value.

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In most contexts, assessed value and state equalized value are used in an interchangeable sense. The state equalized value does not become particularly relevant to most property owners until a property sells.


Taxable Value The taxable value of a property is the lower of that year's state equalized value or that year's capped value see above. Of the three valuation numbers listed in this section, the taxable value is the number which is of key interest to property owners. If they are not able to access your property or are denied access to your property the Appraisers will leave and estimate what they believe the current status of the property is.

Please feel free to contact The Assessing Dept at if you have any questions or concerns regarding this canvassing. The Assessing Department is also responsible for:.

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Maintaining property record information for every parcel of property in Harrison Township including legal description of the land and physical improvements to the land such as commercial, industrial and residential buildings, including condominiums and accessory structures. Board Meetings Calendar Contact Us.