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Search Tricks. Find Also:. See Also:. People Search News Articles include the latest developments, innovations and people search engines. The goal is to get their city and state so you can look for them locally.

How to Find a Business’s Phone Number

To find women who may have married, click here. A good directory will give you the person's address, phone number or at least the city and state where the record was obtained. You may also be able to learn their profession or something else useful. Your first stop should be the Age lookup sites. These sites are far more comprehensive than the Internet Phone books, which omit people with unlisted numbers.

What does ‘last seen’ mean on WhatsApp?

Age lookup sites will help you identify the person by their name, their age and even the people they've lived with. You may also learn the city and state where the person is living now. Ignore the box for age, state, middle name, etc. Being too specific could cause you to miss a name because the data gatherer entered the wrong age or forgot a middle initial.

Once you get a hit, find their address or phone number through the Internet Phone Books. Still no luck? Then look for relatives in their home state, i. Also, contact the "possible relatives" that were listed on the age lookup sites. A relative by birth or marriage may be your yellow brick road to the person you're looking for.

Finding People On The Internet 2. Try several of them for a thorough search. You're most likely to score when you know the person's name and address or at least the city they live in. Some sites also offer reverse lookups, where you can find a person's name just from a phone number or an address.

No hits? Try shortening the person's first name to an initial or Nick Name. This allows you to find those people usually women who avoid use of their full name.

For tough cases, see step three. Contact Information Such as Their first, last and middle name if known , nickname, maiden name, dating profile name, city or state where they live or once lived, all known cell phone and land line s, all known addresses and email addresses, website addresses, companies they've owned or worked for, names of friends or relatives and the last time you heard of them or from them. Even if you know almost nothing, put it down anyway. The Internet is teeming with information and anything might prove useful later on.

For example, I found an ex-girlfriend of 9 years back knowing only she spoke Russian and once lived in Ohio.

Searching For People Step By Step (Georgia)

Putting her name in quotes, I combed the major search engines and found a letter she once sent to a Russian newspaper. This letter gave me the city and state she currently lived in. With this information, it was easy to find the home page of her city government and also to look up their local court records. Sure enough, my ex-girlfriend had gotten a traffic ticket back in This ticket proved invaluable as it listed her name, address, age and telephone number.

Although she obviously didn't live there anymore, it was still worth looking into.

How to Find a Person’s Phone Number

Through a reverse search on the phone number, I found her father, who after 12 years was still living at the same address! I called him and got her number. Back To Top.

Useful tools

Start with Google first. Do a search with the person's name in quotes i. Also try their last name first i. For a thorough search try other variations such as using their middle name. For example, you could get different hits with:. John and Mary Smith To refine your search, add the person's city or state if known or add other terms. For example. If your friend speaks Russian, try "Jon Doe" Russian.

If you know Jon was once in the Army, try "Jon Doe" army. This is a good thing to do especially when searching for a woman who may have married or stopped using her maiden name. Don't forget to search by Nick Name.

Billions of Records

For example, "Elizabeth" might be found under "Libby", "Richard" under "Dick", etc. Once you get to a desired web page, find the name quickly through a mini-search. On your keyboard, hold down the control key and the letter "F". When the search screen appears, type the one word you're looking for and click Find Next.

Click "Find Next" again to go further down the page where that word appears again. Use Specialized Search Engines. Never forget to search the home page of the city and county government where the person once lived. There you will find access to local information such as court records, marriages, births, deaths, clubs and community news. Have an address with a bad phone? Use reverse lookups address or phone to get the names or phone numbers of the person's neighbors.

Then call them for more information.

Also checkout the county tax assessor , which sometimes lists the names and addresses of property owners within its jurisdiction. On line local papers are truly an invaluable source. Papers in small towns will publish anything, including obituaries, letters to the editor and local events missed by other search engines.

You may learn your subject got married, or rescued a cat from a tree or became a school teacher. Even if you can't find the person you're looking for, perhaps you'll find one of their friends or relatives who can point you in the right direction. And don't forget to use your search tricks. In Search Engines, Put first and last name in Quotes i. Narrow searches by adding new terms. Look for city and county local websites.

How To Find Your Friends Instagram Account By their Phone Number

Find Specialized Search Engines. Comb The Local Newspapers. Search for words within a website or document via " Control F ". To find prior versions of a website that has changed or is gone, Use the Google Cache feature below your Google return. This works great when you're searching for a person or thing that is no longer listed, but present on earlier versions of the site.