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  1. Call Off the Search (song) - Wikipedia
  2. Call Off the Search (song)
  3. We Are All Looking for Something

Candy Apple Grey. Candles in the Rain ' Candlemass Live. Candleland Expanded.

Call Off the Search (song) - Wikipedia

Candlebox Cassette. Candide Feat Tawas.

Katie Melua - Call Off The Search (AOL Sessions)

Canciones Urgentes: Greatest Hits. Canciones Prohibidas. Canciones de mi Padre. Canciones de Amor Y Gratitud. Canciones '84 - '96 CD2. Canciones '84 - '96 CD1.

Call Off the Search (song)

Cancion De Primavera. Canceriana Telurica [vinyl].

Obywatele Ɓosioszynszylowa

Cancer 4 Cure. The Best Of Wham! We use a sophisticated point system that takes into account the peak chart position and the weeks on chart. The rankings are based on the most weeks a record held the 1 position. Ties are broken by the total weeks a title spent in the Top The information is presented alphabetically by artist's first name instead of the surname , and then chronologically for each hit.

Each hit album is catalogued with the following information: date disc first hit the chart, title of hit, highest position the hit reached on the chart, and total number of weeks spent at 1. The Heavy Edition also contains the total number of weeks spent on the chart. The points of this hit are given to both artists.

Dre 4 20 Aug o Compton 1 02 Oct o Dr. So Addictive 10 16 Sep Respect M.

We Are All Looking for Something

Scary Films Perfect Circle Ghost Town If You Were A Sailboat Dirty Dice In My Secret Life Nine Million Bicycles Live Piece By Piece Live In a live review of the concert The Times wrote "her voice was rarely short of astounding" and this live recording leaves the listener in no doubt as to what a unique and extraordinarily perfect voice Katie Melua has. Katie opened the concert, with just her electric guitar for accompaniment, singing 'Piece By Piece' - the title track of her second album - and 'Lilac Wine' before taking a seat at the grand piano to play the Georgian folk song 'Yellow Leaves' or Qviteli Potlebi.

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Joined by her 6 piece band Katie weaved her way through her three multi-platinum selling albums including her debut single 'Closest Thing To Crazy', the international hit single 'Nine Million Bicycles' and the more recent singles from her third album 'Pictures'. Piece by Piece 2. Lilac Wine 3.

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Kviteli Potlebi Yellow Leaves up. My Aphrodisiac Is You 5. Crawling Up A Hill 6.